Andrés Pérez and Alicia Balmaceda founded A&A Vineyards & Winery, home of the ALYAN wines, in 2001. They have spent over thirty years of marriage working together in the wine business.


Andrés is the grandson of Francisco Pérez, an important grape grower in the Maule Valley. Alicia is the granddaughter of Pedro Undurraga, owner and developer of the one of the oldest and largest Chilean wineries, The Undurraga Wine Company. If ever two people were born to make wine, it was Andrés and Alicia.

Since the early days of their marriage, the couple decided to dedicate themselves to their mutual passion: wine. Their first step was to buy stock in the venerable Santa Carolina Wine Company in Chile. After turning a profit on their investment, they began working on creating their own product. With the help of their friends, the couple founded the Santa Alicia Wine Company in 1954.

Santa Alicia enjoyed 17 years of success before merging with Bethia Wine Group, one of the most prominent wine companies in Chile. At the time, Santa Alicia was exporting nearly 4 million bottles of premium wines every year. The couple then decided to embark on their biggest venture to date: founding their own winery.


A&A’s state-of-the-art wine facility is located high in the Maipo Valley, where all of Chile’s most famous red wines are produced.

We employ only the most skilled workers to join our team, training them in the A&A standards of excellence. Many of our team members are former Santa Alicia staff, and bring experience and dedication to quality that is evident in each bottle of wine that we produce. A&A focuses on premium reds, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carménère, and Syrah.