At A&A we really care about the environment, so we are always trying to minimize the impact we make during the wine production process.

Recycled Glass

A&A cares about the environment. We are constantly looking for suppliers who can provide us with the most environmentally friendly products on the market. Every bottle we sell is made with 90% recycled materials, and our bottle supplier is the number one glass recycling company in Chile.

Wood Recycling

In wine production is used a lot of wood, and it has a limited useful life. For some people this becames a big problem, for us an opportunity. All the wood used in the wine by us ends up being recycled and used to make our office furniture, ornaments and advertising material to support our distributors.


In harvest season, much grape residue is obtained at the beginning of the winemaking process, such as seeds, skins, stems and solid matter that are left behind after the grapes are crushed. At A&A all these organic material is composted and then sent it back into the vineyards.

At A&A, we take quality seriously. All of our grapes are grown on A&A vineyards or sourced from the best small producers in the region. Supporting high-quality, low-yield growers is at the heart of why we make wine and why we created the Small Growers Support Program.

We are committed to buying high quality grapes at fair prices from the region’s best family-owned vineyards. In fact, we could not avoid using their grapes if we wanted; they truly have superior products. The families that run these vineyards rely on tradition and low yields to produce the finest grapes. This allows us to make premium red wines that both feel good and taste great.